About Us

We truly are better together, burning bright through Holy Barre!

Holy Barre is a faith-based fitness group that combines our bodies’ need to exercise with our hearts’ desire to worship and connect. This full-body barre workout utilizes the very best of pilates, yoga, cardio and strength training and is designed for all levels, ages, and body types. Beyond just the workouts, you can join us for weekly devotionals, YouVersion Bible Reading Plans, social gatherings, and deeper studies such as The Wellness Revelation.

While we desire for your muscles to burn, we pray the Lord ignites a fire in your soul. Through Holy Barre, we pray God ignites a fire in your heart, soul, mind AND body to BURN BRIGHT for Jesus and in His love.

We are better together, created for community, and desire to create a welcoming environment for ALL ladies to grow, connect, strengthen, and love well.

What if fitness was just a way to get God’s breath in our lungs?

Meet Our Instructors

Libby Myrin
Lead Instructor and Holy Barre Founder

During a season of desiring faith, fitness, and friendship, Libby started Holy Barre as a small group through her church. Over the past few years, the Lord has expanded this ministry beyond expectations. Libby is a certified Barre Above Instructor and Revelation Wellness Instructor with a background in business and ministry. As a wife, mother, and barre instructor, Libby is grateful to apply her past trainings, work experiences, and passions to encourage women to burn bright, better together.

Fun Fact: Libby has no dance experience and grew up playing sports. Barre is not just for ballerinas!

For Libby, to BURN BRIGHT means letting the Spirit lead you and pursuing His truth, freedom and power rather than relying on your own strengths. Let’s not strive to shine, but rather let Christ burn bright from within. It’s way more fun!

McKenzie Heckart
Holy Barre Instructor

With a passion for movement and ministry, McKenzie believes Holy Barre is an answer to prayer. As a current staff member of Life Church and long-time dancer, she understands the connection among heart, soul, strength and mind and desires to share the power of this combination with others. Her intentionality with breath and movement with truly stir your soul as she leads you through a worship-filled workout. As a wife, doggy mama, and full-time ministry team member, she stays busy with those she loves.

Fun Fact: McKenzie was officially introduced to barre as a form of physical therapy following an injury. Barre is definitely a valuable workout.

For McKenzie, to BURN BRIGHT means creating space to connect with Jesus. Just like flames, let’s keep our gaze up in vertical worship.

Candace Woolard
Holy Barre Instructor

Candace has been a member of Holy Barre since its beginning and brings wisdom, authenticity and passion to this ministry. Her background and experience in health and fitness as well as her radiant love for Jesus have built a firm foundation for this role as instructor, and her beautiful smile and humble heart will light up your day. As a wife and mother, she knows the value in pursuing health, wholeness, and holiness so we can love others well.

Fun Fact: Candace typically avoids the spotlight and leadership roles, so being an instructor is a bit out of her comfort zone. But she knows He doesn’t call the qualified but qualifies the called.

For Candace, to BURN BRIGHT means combining the power of music and movement to truly worship, lifting our hands while bowing our heads.

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