Holy Barre Instructor Training

Mission: Equip and empower new barre instructors to bring this faith-based fitness community into their neighborhood. Holy Barre exists to gather groups of people for workouts, worship and wellness. We’d rather go deep than wide, so we need to expand our team!

As a certified Holy Barre Instructor, you will

  • Be provided the mission, values, and core principles of Holy Barre and faith-based fitness.
  • Be trained to lead a Holy Barre fitness class.
  • Be equipped and encouraged to develop as an instructor and leader.
  • Be part of a community of faith-based fitness instructors.
  • Have access to all Holy Barre Bundles.
  • Be challenged to connect more deeply with our Lord, expand your biblical understanding, enhance your fitness knowledge, and ultimately lead from your overflow.
  • Be prayed for regularly.
  • Asked to commit to the beliefs and values of Holy Barre, aligning your fitness efforts to Christ!

Pricing is as follows: $200 for full certification with a $50 annual recertification.

The process to become a Holy Barre instructor includes a few virtual meetings with provided homework. To complete the training, participants must pass a quiz based on provided materials, submit a video of their instructing a class, and complete a one-on-one final meeting. Once a certified instructor, participation will be recommended in periodic connections and required in an annual recertification. Continuation of being a certified Holy Barre instructor will be based on periodic connections, video submissions, and personal wellness.

To connect with Holy Barre and learn more, please complete the form below.

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