As we pursue health, wholeness, and holiness together, I fully believe God created each of us uniquely with different needs and desires. Holy Barre will never give you a ‘plan’ or ‘outline’ for health and wellness nor will I promote a specific diet plan or strict guidance on what you should or shouldn’t do.

That being said . . . I’ve found tons of value in and benefit from various Arbonne products that have brought simplicity and hacks into this busy season! And as a teacher and connecter at heart, I just have to share good stuff when I find it! Like Holy Barre, Arbonne knows it’s more about how you feel than how you look. And EVERY product is clean and free from any junk the rest of our consumer world adds to our daily items. So here’s some info about my favorite Arbonne items . . .

DermResults Illuminating Skin Therapy: Skin care is a big deal to me as I value natural beauty and want to take care of the skin I’m in! I’ve had skin cancer in the past and have plenty of discoloration from hormones and genetics. So I’ve tried a variety of products and approaches to healthy-looking skin, and this is by far my favorite! I absolutely love putting this serum on my face, neck, and chest every morning as it truly feels good and brings nourishment.

Truestyle Anti-Frizz Dry Oil: My hair has become curlier over the past decade so I’ve struggled to figure out the best approach to keep it looking natural yet not too frizzy. Plus I rarely spend time styling my hair and often just let it air-dry! This basic oil goes on damp hair and leaves it feeling light without crazy! In this pic, I applied a little to my clean hair the night before, went to bed with it still damp, and woke up to it looking like this. I’m all about easy so this product makes me so happy!

Morning Pic after applying DermResults Illuminating Skin Therapy and the Truestyle Anti-Frizz Dry Oil the night before on damp hair.

EnergyFizz Sticks: So since college, I’ve been a coffee all day type of gal! The older I’ve gotten, I’ve realized 5+ cups of coffee a day is not the best for my body (or my budget). While the coffee doesn’t quite bring as much energy as it once did, I had been looking for an energy alternative to keep me going in the late afternoon hump. These fizz sticks have been the easiest and best hack into making the most of my whole day. So easy to add to water, tea, or even a big Sonic flavored water. My favorite flavors are pomegranate and blood orange, but you’ve got a variety to pick from!

FeelFit Pea Protein: Now I get there are a variety of protein options out there, but I recommend giving this option a try if you can! Whey and soy protein powders have always tasted funny to me an upset my stomach. I have loved adding this powder to our smoothies, pancakes, snack bars, etc. I order the vanilla flavor as I think it tastes the best and is the easiest to add to other mixes like pancakes.

BeWell Superfood Greens: I struggle to eat vegetables each day as well as give them to my family. And when I do eat a lot of vegetables, my stomach isn’t happy with me for a bit! So this green powder has been a welcomed alternative! I’ll add some to our family smoothies each day as well as other things like pasta sauce. As long as you don’t add too much, my crew never notices. Ha!


Ultimately, you are radiant when you look to Him! Check out this post for more! And grab your mirror cling here as a daily reminder of this truth!

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