Eat Veggies & Protein

Veggies and proteins help you stabilize your blood sugar and thus energy and mood.  Just add some throughout your day during meals or as a snack.   They don’t have to be fancy.  Red peppers and hummus. Mixed nuts.  Protein bars.  Smoothies.  Pasta sauce or soups filled with veggies. Just keep the veggies and proteinContinue reading “Eat Veggies & Protein”

Engage Your Core – Read Your Bible

Would you like to really live, body and soul? Would you like to burst with health? Proverbs 4 describes the value of truth and staying engaged in the Word of God to all aspects of life.  The first piece of the armor of God is the belt of truth.  Because your stability, health, strength, andContinue reading “Engage Your Core – Read Your Bible”

Travel with a Routine

When traveling, it’s so tempting to take a break from maintaining your normal routine and making healthy choices.  And while we do highly recommending taking advantage of quality time with those you love and savoring this sweet season, plan ahead of time and pack your essentials to keep your body full of the things itContinue reading “Travel with a Routine”

Stay Connected to the Vine

We are the branches, and He is the Vine.  As branches, we remain close to Christ and allow Him to produce the fruit.  It’s so easy to shift into self-sufficient mode during this crazy time of year.  Don’t fall into that trap, which will only leave you depleted and discouraged. Stay connected to the VineContinue reading “Stay Connected to the Vine”

Celebrate through Gratitude

Grateful, thankful, and blessed, right?!  You’ve seen this sweet phrase before.  And while it’s cheesy, there is truth in it.  What if our prayer was to celebrate this holiday season through a heart of gratitude?  That may look like focusing on the positives of each family member and expressing such qualities. That may look likeContinue reading “Celebrate through Gratitude”