Holy Barre Retreat 2022

Thank you for being such a valuable part of Holy Barre and truly burning bright! I’m eager to connect with each of you during our first retreat as we grow deep and wide, better together!

The purpose of our weekend is to develop as a leadership team and woman of God. Our time together will focus on ALL of us as a group and as individuals. We’ll discuss the ministry of Holy Barre and be ministered to personally. As always, my prayer is the Lord clears your mind, calms your soul, fills your heart, and strengthens your body.

Let’s cover some logistics . . .

What – Holy Barre Retreat 2022

Where – Steves Family Lakehouse, Grand Lake, OK

When – Friday, February 26, 4:00pm to Sunday, February 28, 11:00am

When Exactly – Tentative Schedule . . .

What Exactly – Packing List . . .

How Much – Payment for food and materials will be requested the weekend of the retreat. (If you are unable to cover your portion, just let me know.)

What Else – Some optional elements to our weekend include opportunities for rest.

I encourage you to utilize the ‘Focus’ setting (or something similar) on your phone to prevent unnecessary interruptions. Phones can be set to only allow notifications from specific family members and children.

I encourage you to not access social media during our time together.

I encourage you to bring headphones for times you’d like to listen and pray.

I encourage you to pray, ask, and listen to God the days leading up to our retreat. Maybe even make a list of questions you’d like Him to respond to during your time away.

What Next – While we’d love for you to be present during the entire retreat, we understand if family commitments interfere. Please complete the form below to assist in our planning and coordinating travel.

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