Revival Rising!

Thanks for being a part of Holy Barre! Grateful for you and your desire to burn bright in this new year! May God truly ignite a fire in your heart, soul, strength, and mind! Just MOVE forward knowing we’re better together – you’re not meant to do life alone – His Spirit and His people are here to help ya!

We’ll be starting a new YouVersion Bible Reading Plan on Monday, January 11, called Revival Rising: Loving God and the Lost With All That You Are. Click HERE to join in the discussion.

If you didn’t catch our first workout of the year, here you go! Please make some time to workout and worship with us this week. Your heart and soul will thank you. 🙂

Scripture: Romans 12 (yes, all of it – so good for this season)

Playlist can be found HERE.

Equipment: light hand weights, mat, bar/counter/chair, and water

Praying for a revival of your heart, soul, strength, and mind in this new year! We are truly better together and need each other. To those who joined us in person, thanks for staying after to share and connect. It was good for the soul!

Lord, refine us this year . . . refine our thinking, our relationships, our focus, our perspective, and our health so we can burn brighter and brighter!

See ya’ll on January 14!

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