This week, our focus in Holy Barre is unity. During our one hour together on Thursday mornings, I’m often overwhelmed as I see a diverse group of women moving their bodies in unison as we work out together and worship our Lord. Within Holy Barre, I also know we have a variety of beliefs on all the ‘hot topics’ of this season. And frankly, I love that. And I love that we chose to look past our differences when necessary as well as celebrate our differences to bring Him glory! 

Because at the end of the day, we’re better together. We need relationships that encourage, support, AND challenge us. Unity requires such humility and selflessness that it’s a daily choice to pursue His love rather than our love of being right.

I pray the unity we experience through Holy Barre burns bright and spreads into the community around us.

I highly recommend listening to two things:

This podcast episode with Amy Groeschel! So so good!

This beautiful song by Grace Willis called Moses! Remind us, Lord!

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