So how does a post entitled ‘Cars’ fit into the mission and mindset of Holy Barre?

Let me explain . . . πŸ™‚

Last week in our fall Wellness Revelation Group, one member mentioned how she met a professional athlete who said, ‘My body is like a Ferrari. I’m going to treat it that way.’ We all chuckled at his analogy and arrogance but then started discussing the truth in his statement.

What if we viewed our bodies as fancy sports cars? Or whatever ‘dream vehicle’ you love?

In the Wellness Revelation, we talk about how food is fuel. Literally the fuel that allows us to love and live healthy, whole, and holy lives. Our culture and generational struggles have screwed up that view. But our Good God designed food to be delicious, high quality fuel for our bodies while He is the Living Water and Bread of Life for our souls.

If we viewed our bodies as a Ferrari, we’d probably have a heightened awareness as to proper maintenance. We’d regularly consult the manual. And ultimately we’d put our value in the Maker and our unique model. I bet you’d enjoy driving your Ferrari, taking it for a spin but also letting it rest.

While my original response to this analogy was one of ‘wow, that’s bold’, I realized the Lord views us as beautiful creations and masterpieces. Not much different than the Ferrari’s place in the car world.

So what’s your ideal car? Try to find a gif of it and send to a friend to hold you accountable. Mine is a Ford Mustang with all the flare! πŸ™‚

Fast forward a couple days from that conversation, and I’m home with my son watching the movie Cars. And there’s a statement Sally makes to Lightning McQueen when they are out for a drive. She’s referring to the impact I-40 made to Route 66. As a born and raised Oklahoman, I’m very familiar with both highways as they run right through our great state. But what Sally said about the shift in culture stuck with me. I’m unsure of the exact quote, but the gist was people started caring more about making good time on I-40 rather than having a good time on Route 66.

So I challenge us all with two things:

Let’s start viewing and treating our bodies like fancy sports cars.

Rather than making good time, let’s have a good time.

Cars & holy barre

Apply these ideas to our daily lives, our view of meals, and to our approach to exercise.  Beyond that, let’s apply it to time with our family and friends, our work interactions, or to-do lists. I love the pic above with my son as he’s growing fast and such memories are precious. But I noticed later that there’s a pile of clean towels on the counter in the background. Because I chose to have a good time rather than make good time that afternoon. I’m sad to say I too often lean toward the later, but I’m trying to enjoy the ride, trusting my Maker, following the manual, and taking care of my ‘Ford Mustang’.

Join me . . . because life is a highway! πŸ™‚

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