Have Healthy Snacks Near

I like to snack. You like to snack. We all like to snack.  

So what kinds of snacks should we have within reach?

Plan ahead and keep the healthy stuff within easy reach.  Have the fresh fruit washed, ready, and cut up in the fridge. Have a veggie platter ready and waiting for that late afternoon itch.  Make yummy protein bars (pictured) to grab as you move around your house or head out for errands or school pick up.  Learn what snacks you enjoy and also give you the healthy energy to keep moving and loving throughout your day.

What if the candy was super hard to reach but the chocolate protein bars were cut and ready in the fridge?  

Oh, and by the way, think about why you’d like to snack too please.  Are you really hungry?  Or are you bored?  Bummed? Or bothered?  Jesus will fill you up way better than a treat!

Protein Bar Recipe:

6 scoops Arbonne protein powder (chocolate or vanilla)

1 jar Sunbutter

3/4 local honey

3-4 cups rice cereal

Blend together, spread in a pan, keep in the fridge.

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