Invite, Pray, & Listen to Him

Last post we shared about receiving . . . inviting, praying, and listening to Him is a great way to receive. A dear friend shared a tool from her church called ISLA.  It’s an acronym for prayer and hearing from the Lord.  It’s simple yet supernatural . . .

I – INVITE: Invite God into the moment, closer your eyes and breathe

S – SHOW: Ask God to show you His truth about something specific or in general

L – LISTEN: Listen to Him, linger and look for His visual images as well that come to mind.

A – ACTION: Ask Him what He wants you to do and take action

Or maybe just share a simple prayer: ‘Jesus, show me Your love.’ (Psalm 139) ‘Jesus, I give everyone and everything to you.’ (From John Eldridge) ‘Clear my mind, calm my soul, fill my heart, and strengthen my body, Lord.’ (Holy Barre’s prayer)

Look up the scriptures listen the image and invite, pray, and listen!

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