Holy Barre in 2023

Hey, Friends! As our new rhythms develop for 2023, let’s touch base about Holy Barre! We have welcomed so many into our local and online communities over the past year, and we’d like to ensure you’re aware of all that Holy Barre has to offer!

Holy Barre exists to gather women for workout, worship, and wellness! While Holy Barre is an actual barre fitness class, our desire is beyond just the physical benefits. While we promise your muscles will burn, we pray even more the Lord ignites a fire in your soul that burns bright. His fire within us burns with love, freedom, grace, and truth!

We’re on a journey together towards health, wholeness, and holiness. We truly believe we’re better together and desire to provide a community of connection. In-person opportunities are our favorite as it’s tough to replace face-to-face interaction. Yet in our digital world, we love being about to connect through other channels. We need each other and are designed for biblical community. So if you live in Edmond, OK, or surrounding areas, please join us in person! If you live beyond Central Oklahoma, USA, please join us online but also promise you’ll find in person community where the Lord has planted you! Deal?!

Here are the ways you can burn bright, better together with Holy Barre in 2023! These opportunities might adjust and more may be added as we anticipate all the Lord has in store. For the most up-to-date information, you can always visit our landing page, holybarre.org, to get the latest!

Holy Barre Workouts – We meet in person every Tuesday at 6:00pm and Thursday at 10:00am at All Fit Collective in Edmond, OK, USA. Sign up on MindBody or just show up your first time! These classes are free – just bring your water and wear comfy clothes. For those living outside of Oklahoma, subscribe to our channel for lots of workouts available on YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/@HolyBarre. Periodically, we will also go live on Instagram and have a few full workouts available on that platform.

YouVersion Bible Reading Plans – As a group, we are consistently going through a YouVersion Bible Reading Plan. The invite to the latest plan is always linked on our holybarre.org landing page. Our next plan will begin Monday, January 16. Click here to join Freedom in Christ with Charles Stanley.

Workout & Wellness Events – We love offering workout and wellness events at various times and locations here in Edmond, OK. While we currently don’t have one scheduled, we always promote these events through social media and on our webpage. These events include worship-filled workouts followed by wellness discussions and treats.

The Wellness Revelation – If you’re looking to dive deeper into your wellness journey and are tired of the world’s gimmicks of weight loss and diets and tracking apps, we offer a 8-week group study that aligns health with His truth. Whether you’re searching for a healthier lifestyle, better understanding of your body, or just freedom from the idols of food, fitness, and body image, visit https://holybarre.org/the-wellness-revelation/ to learn more!

Holy Barre Instructor Training – Since we love in-person connection, we’d love to bring Holy Barre to your community! We offer instructor training to equip, empower, and encourage you and others to burn bright right where you are! Let us know if you’d like to learn more by completing the form on this webpage: https://holybarre.org/holy-barre-instructor-training/.

Special Events & Retreat(s) – Special events, and, even better, retreats are such fun and focused ways to burn bright better together! We plan to provide more extensive times of workout, worship, and wellness this year. Follow us on social media and subscribe to this weekly update to get the latest and greatest updates on these opportunities!

Contributions – In order to welcome everyone, we remove the barrier of cost and provide all these opportunities for free. We ask for donations and rely on these donations to continue the ministry of Holy Barre. If you’d like to support, we promise all donations will be spent on the ministry. Our leaders donate their time in order to continue our mission to gather women for workout, worship, and wellness. We appreciate any and all financial support! The best and most secure way to give is through Venmo – @holy-barre.

Lastly, please know that you are loved. Your body is good. And freedom is free in Jesus. Your heart means more to us than the size of your hips. If you need to talk to someone, please contact us below. One of our leaders will email you within 24 hours (check your Junk folder).

Thanks for being a part of the Holy Barre community! We’re excited for 2023 and want YOU to join us as we burn bright, better together!

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