Have Healthy Snacks Near

I like to snack. You like to snack. We all like to snack.  

So what kinds of snacks should we have within reach?

Plan ahead and keep the healthy stuff within easy reach.  Have the fresh fruit washed, ready, and cut up in the fridge. Have a veggie platter ready and waiting for that late afternoon itch.  Make yummy protein bars (pictured) to grab as you move around your house or head out for errands or school pick up.  Learn what snacks you enjoy and also give you the healthy energy to keep moving and loving throughout your day.

What if the candy was super hard to reach but the chocolate protein bars were cut and ready in the fridge?  

Oh, and by the way, think about why you’d like to snack too please.  Are you really hungry?  Or are you bored?  Bummed? Or bothered?  Jesus will fill you up way better than a treat!

Protein Bar Recipe:

6 scoops Arbonne protein powder (chocolate or vanilla)

1 jar Sunbutter

3/4 local honey

3-4 cups rice cereal

Blend together, spread in a pan, keep in the fridge.

Watch the Sunrise

There’s something surreal about seeing the sky wake up while sitting outside and breathing in fresh air.  We’re spoiled in Oklahoma with the tapestry of colors that we’re able to see as the sun rises.  Fresh air and being outside are good for your body, and watching the sunrise is good for your soul as you witness the majesty and power of our Creator.  

Make a point to watch a sunrise and play worship music or scripture as you sit and savor the King and His Kingdom!  Bring your Bible along and check out the scriptures listed in the image.

Stretch, Rest, & Breathe

While movement is so good for you, so is rest!  And I’m guessing you don’t have that on your to-do list or in your planner.  But slowing down, savoring the moment, stretching our bodies, and breathing deeply are all critical to our health. Especially during the crazy holidays!

Check out Revelation Wellness’ podcast and play a ‘Be Still & Be Loved’ episode.  Play either of the videos linked below from Holy Barre’s YouTube channel. Attend a Flex & Flow class at All Fit Collective. Or just turn on some slow worship music and either stretch or lay.  Fill your lungs with His breath and rest that good body He’s given you!

Date Your Kids

Okay, you might feel like you’re with your kids a lot. But in the hustle and bustle of class parties, schedule planning, carpooling, meal making, gift wrapping, and sports activities, how much genuine connection is occurring?

Let’s make some time to date your kiddo. Put the phones away, and connect with each of your kids during this holiday season. Maybe you schedule actual dates or maybe it’s more organic during times you’re home together. Our kids have lots on their hearts and minds too during this season . . . let’s not miss it! It’ll be valuable to everyone’s health and wellness!

Read the verses listed in the image for more truth.

Worship in Spirit & Truth

This week we’ve focused on worship through our YouVersion Bible reading plan and barre workout together. While our worship can encompass so much of our lives and our relationship with the Lord and others, let’s focus on John 4:22-24 when Jesus speaks with the women at the well about what is to come. The NLT version might sound more familiar, but I love how Christ’s words are presented in The Message translation.

“But the time is coming—it has, in fact, come—when what you’re called will not matter and where you go to worship will not matter. It’s who you are and the way you live that count before God. Your worship must engage your spirit in the pursuit of truth. That’s the kind of people the Father is out looking for: those who are simply and honestly themselves before him in their worship. God is sheer being itself—Spirit. Those who worship him must do it out of their very being, their spirits, their true selves, in adoration.” – Jesus

John 4:23-24 MSG

What freedom Jesus provides in that we can worship and connect with Him anywhere at any time! We can worship Him in any season and give Him all our emotions and experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly! All He desires is that we bring Him our true selves, our spirit and soul, our heart and mind, engaged in His truth.

This beautifully ties to the Armor of God with the first piece being the belt of truth. Through Holy Barre, we keep our core engaged with the belt of truth wrapped tightly around our waist. We chose daily to worship and be ready for battle.

If worship is incorporated in all we do, what does that look like? How can we worship in spirit and truth at home? at work? in our marriage? in our parenting? as we run errands or do chores? in our friendships? in our church? in Holy Barre?

We get to dance to the rhythms of His grace while we stand firmly on holy ground! We worship in joy, peace, pain, frustration, love . . . because of and founded in the Spirit and Truth of Jesus! Join us as we workout and worship and burn bright in Spirit and Truth together!

Simplify Your Sugars

Let’s keep this simple – eat more of what would have been in the Garden of Eden. 

We are blessed to have SO MANY food and drinks options available to us!  Yet many have been processed and dyed and restructured in ways that don’t fuel our body well.  And honestly just end up as junk in your trunk!

Enjoy the fun treats of the season, but when given a choice, go with natural, simple foods.  Like stuff that will go bad in five days. Like farm to table stuff.  Fresh fruits, veggies, grains, honey, nuts, etc.  

You’ll feel so much better keeping things fresh and simple!  And your body will be more ready to handle the delicious warm apple pie with homemade vanilla ice cream that your aunt always brings for Thanksgiving.

Take some time to look up the scriptures referenced in the image below . . . these words are sweeter than honey. 😉

Get Outside

Want to know an easy way to release stress and feel refreshed?  Get outside!  Sunshine, fresh air, and movement are so good for you – body, heart, soul, and mind! 

Go on a walk, go watch a football or soccer game, play some pickle ball, sit on your back porch, grab a bike and go, hike and observe the changing colors of leaves . . . just get outside! 

You can thank me later! Or more importantly, thank the Lord for His beautiful creation, which includes you!  Check out the scriptures in the image above too!

Put on the Armor of God

Ya’ll ready for battle? You realize the enemy would love to cause disunity among groups of people during this holiday time, right? Marriages are an obvious example. Next would be relationships with kids. Maybe big families. Neighborhoods. Communities. Groups of friends.

Artwork by Family Unite – purchase a print or digital image http://www.familyunite.org/

Good news! We can be armed and dangerous! Put on the full armor of God! Reflect on your physical posture. Your mental posture. The posture of your heart. And your spiritual posture. Engage that core and wrap that belt of Truth around your waist! Hold up that shield of faith and keep the sword of the Spirit held high! The gospel of peace keeps up marching forward. Our hearts stays guided with the breastplate of righteousness. And we chose, every single day, to put on that helmet of salvation as the battlefield of the mind can be intense.

Go ahead, Beautiful Soldier! Read the scriptures in the image and let’s get ready!

Date Your Spouse

So here’s the deal – go ahead and put some date nights on your calendar.  Before you start filling the nights up with holiday events and social gatherings, make it a point to have time with just your spouse over the next two months.  It can be an evening date, a Saturday morning one, or maybe a weekday afternoon while the kids are in school.

It’s easy to lose a connection in marriage during the holidays as you navigate busy schedules, family dynamics, and end of year work projects. 

Let’s be proactive and pursue each other intentionally.  Grab your partner and read the Bible verses in this image together.

Drinks Lots of Water

As the seasons change and the temps drop, we’re more likely to get dehydrated and experience dry skin and lips. Plus all the rich food and drinks can dehydrate our bodies. So keep a water cup near all day and make a point to drink up! We’ll feel so much better! Plus, when our water intake is consistent, our snacking and overindulging are less frequent.

More importantly, drink on the Living Water, which truly refreshes the thirsty soul!  Go look up and drink up the verses in the image above!