All of YOU

Our Heavenly Father desires ALL of us!

Let’s surrender our efforts of control, our pursuits of perfection, our desire to have it all together, our comparison or judgment of others, our focus on fears and lies, our attempt to ‘fake it til we make it’ . . .

Holy Barre does desire to strengthen your body, but it’s not just about your body. It’s about ALL of you !Our bodies are a temple filled with His Spirit. Our minds must be filled with Truth. Our hearts must be filled with Grace. Our soul must be filled with Love.

God wants ALL of us . . . for our benefit. We can’t have too much Jesus!

Put on the armor of God, Ladies.

Throw your lies, pain, and fear into His consuming fire and burn brighter and brighter!

As we move into a new week, let’s return to His Word and Truth. Join me in this study on Romans 8 and acknowledge that we’re better together! This reading plan begins Monday, January 25.

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