February Focus

As we close out January and move into February, let’s shift our focus a bit as well!

While January is a month of health goals, personal resolutions, and individualized mindsets, if you’re like me, it was also one of lots of ‘I’s, ‘me’s, and ‘my’ in our thinking and conversations. It’s definitely important to take care of ourselves and honor God through our personal goals and focus, and our greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind.

But it’s a balance . . .

The second part of this commandment is to love others as ourselves. Love is just not between us and HIM but among us and THEM! The heart of the gospel is to share, move, and act in love in response to His ultimate love for us!

So in February, let’s be intentional to do just that! Let’s show God’s love, truth, grace, and joy EACH DAY! Letting the Spirit guide our focus and efforts will only expand His love within us and around us! Each day in February, I challenge you to show love to one person via text, phone call, letter, coffee deliver, Holy Barre invite, dinner, etc.

Or invite people to join us in going through these YouVersion Reading Plans together:

Let’s combat our culture of individualism, tackle trials together, live lead by love, and burn brighter, better together!

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