Knowledge, Pride, & Unbelief

I was having a conversation with my kids about humility and pride. So when reflecting on Good Friday, we discussed what group actually crucified Christ? 

It still hurts my heart to acknowledge it was the religious – the arrogant, know-it-alls – who actually accomplished the act.

If what I know about God makes me prideful about what I know about God, then I don’t know God!

Alisa Keeton

Let that quote settle in . . . So how do we know God? 

Here are two thoughts from our YouVersion plan, Understanding Holy Courage, Embracing Godly Fear:

‘Scripture keeps reminding us to begin with the fear of the Lord (Proverbs 9:10). This is what wisdom and knowledge and confidence look like, lifting our eyes to fear a holy and all-powerful God.’

‘Not only is fear of the Lord the beginning of both wisdom and knowledge, God’s Word tells us that this is where we find the strong confidence and security the world longs for. This fear and reverence—the only proper response to an all-powerful God—is actually a place of refuge and security for us and our children. This is the confidence we are desperate for when the world feels shaky, when the future feels unsteady and we worry long about the generation following behind us.’

The irony is the older I get and the more my fear and knowledge and love expand, I realize the less I truly know. I realize how much I can’t even grasp or fully understand. The more questions I have, and even doubts about what I used to pridefully believe, I experience the value of surrendering my knowledge and allowing His Spirit to work in me to reveal His truth.

‘That is our choice, to surrender our full heart to Him. To hold nothing back in pride, but in humility know Him as greater. And in the knowing we will always find what is greater, what is better; because we find the One who loves to make Himself known to His people.’ – Understanding Holy Courage, Embracing Godly Fear.

So here, questions and doubts welcome. The Lord welcomes doubts and questions and ‘but I don’t understand . . . ‘ statements.  He’s a ‘come as you are’ God with open arms and a listening ear. Plus He’s full of love and truth.

Humility and doubts are welcome and honestly necessary for growth and faith. 

Alissa Keeton in The Wellness Revelation describes a spectrum with pride on one side and disbelief on the other. Health, wholehearted, and holiness are best found somewhere in the middle. 

  • But let’s just not sit in those doubts. 
  • Don’t give the enemy the opportunity to turn doubts into lies.
  • Let’s agree to ask, discuss, and process together.
  • Let’s seek truth and align with Him.
  • Let’s press on towards the prize.
  • Let’s fight the good fight of faith!
  • Let’s just ‘keep swimming’ as Dory would say.
  • Let’s just ‘keep burning bright, better together’ as we would say. 😉 
  • Let’s allow the All-Consuming Fire to purify and refine us, not just keep us warm.

And as a friendly reminder, we can always approach the throne of grace with confidence! Go through this scripture flow with us and focus on Hebrews 4:16.

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