Healthy State of Mind

Did you know May is Mental Health Month? I think we can all agree mental health plays a huge role in overall wellness. This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to lead an outdoor barre class as part of a Workout & Wellness event. Being outside with other women is good for the soul and body and mindl! So is a pursuit of wellness!

When we pursue wellness, our main pursuit cannot necessarily be how the world defines wellness. What does it mean to be truly well? I love to think of the line ‘it is well with my soul’. Because wellness truly begins from within, and more importantly, from above.

‘Well’ can mean good. And the Lord calls us good. Just as we are. Right now. Regardless of our age, passion, pain, or purpose. So in our pursuit of wellness, let’s not create a list of ‘well’ statements for ourselves. ‘Well, if this, then that.’ ‘Well, if only….’ ‘Well, I should do this.’

I love how Arbonne’s skin care line is called AgeWell. I have to laugh with all the conversations and resources around anti-aging. We are designed to age. Our bodies will get older. Perhaps trying to defy this natural process can be futile. But what we can do is age well. And the best place to start is by looking up and looking within. That is true beauty and wellness. And God designed it naturally.

We are designed for wellness. We are created to experience happiness and pleasure and joy and fun. The Lord created us with natural forms of dopamine to help us live life to its fullest and in the fun freedom He desires for us. But so often in today’s culture, we are persuaded to pursue artificial or temporary forms of dopamine. Whether it is consuming too much sugar, alcohol, another substance, or idolizing affection, attention, or Amazon Prime, we are choosing a fraud over His beautiful and natural design.

(For those struggling with severe anxiety or depression, seek professional help now. Medicine is good and beneficial to your wellness when prescribed appropriately.)

So do you want to know the top five natural ways to enhance dopamine production within your own body?

Here’s a hint: Holy Barre provides all five through our regularly workouts and Bible studies!

Did you know the top five ways to produce natural dopamine are:

• Be still

• Move your body

• Listen to music

• Check things off a list

• Establish a streak

How can you accomplish some of these today? I bet it’s simpler than you think!

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