Celebrate & Support

Happy May, Friends! 

Just wanted to give a heads up to something new!  Beginning June 1, we plan to provide what I’d like to call ‘Celebrate & Support Holy Barre.’  We’ll recap the month prior and share what’s coming up in the weeks ahead.  In addition, we’ll request a monthly donation of $20 to support all the expenses and efforts of Holy Barre.

This Celebrate & Support $20 monthly donation is not required but will serve as a reminder to contribute as you desire.  $20 is the suggested amount, but you can give above that value.  We want our Holy Barre activities to remain free and welcome to all, so donations are critical!  

Donations can be made through Venmo to @holy-barre, via Zelle using info@holybarre.org, by check made out to Holy Barre, and in cash.

As we grow and expand, providing more ways for ladies to BURN BRIGHT BETTER TOGETHER, we are grateful for your celebration and support!

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