You Are Radiant

As we conclude our 40 Days of Faith, Fitness, and Focus, we pray you’ve found these past few weeks valuable, deepening your roots in His love and stirring your heart for more of Him! Now let’s continue with intention and purpose, seeking the things of the Lord and living in His truth, grace, and freedom! Don’t stop moving in love or fueling yourself well with good food!

Holy Barre will continue to go through YouVersion Bibles Reading Plans, to gather Tuesdays at 6pm and Thursdays at 10am at All Fit Collective, to offer special connection opportunities, to post regularly here and to burn bright, better together as we enter into the holiday season!

There is one final truth I pray you fully grasp and believe as we move forward . . .

Those who look to Him are RADIANT; their faces will never be covered with shame.

Psalm 34:5

Friends, you are radiant! As you keep your eyes on Jesus, you will burn bright! Shame is not from Him and needs to be left behind. I pray you move forward in His freedom, His grace, His truth, His love, His power . . . not your own. The world might define health and beauty and even radiance in a variety of temporary ways, but our Lord provides health, beauty, and radiance that lasts forever! Look up, Ladies!

I love this quote below as it speaks so much truth and aligns so wonderfully with the mission of Holy Barre. Yes, it might be hard, but we’re pursuing health, wholeness, and holiness!

We’re better together . . . burning bright in His radiant glory!

We pray you rest in this truth of radiance so much that we created comfy sweatshirts for gals of all ages! Grab your own at All Fit Collective in Edmond, OK! (Or comment below if you’d like one mailed to you!)

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