Holy Barre Instructors + Holiday Health & Wellness

Hey, Friends! Two updates as we settled into this fall season!

First, let’s burn bright all over and gather groups for worship, workouts, and wellness! We are offering a virtual Holy Barre Instructor Training for existing barre instructors. We’d love for you or a barre instructor you know to join us! Please help us spread the word!

You can find out more about this month-long virtual training by visiting this page and completing the form to sign up! Yay!

Second, as we ease into the holiday season, we’re going to start a series of tips for holiday health and wellness! We’ll be posting regularly here as well as sharing on social media! Let’s burn bright, better together throughout this fun and festive time of year!

Reminder to those living outside the OKC metro, you can connect with Holy Barre on Instagram, Facebook and move your bodies in love through our YouTube channel! Just search for ‘Holy Barre’! Or participate in our upcoming training to bring Holy Barre to your community!

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