Put on the Armor of God

Ya’ll ready for battle? You realize the enemy would love to cause disunity among groups of people during this holiday time, right? Marriages are an obvious example. Next would be relationships with kids. Maybe big families. Neighborhoods. Communities. Groups of friends.

Artwork by Family Unite – purchase a print or digital image http://www.familyunite.org/

Good news! We can be armed and dangerous! Put on the full armor of God! Reflect on your physical posture. Your mental posture. The posture of your heart. And your spiritual posture. Engage that core and wrap that belt of Truth around your waist! Hold up that shield of faith and keep the sword of the Spirit held high! The gospel of peace keeps up marching forward. Our hearts stays guided with the breastplate of righteousness. And we chose, every single day, to put on that helmet of salvation as the battlefield of the mind can be intense.

Go ahead, Beautiful Soldier! Read the scriptures in the image and let’s get ready!

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