Simplify Your Sugars

Let’s keep this simple – eat more of what would have been in the Garden of Eden. 

We are blessed to have SO MANY food and drinks options available to us!  Yet many have been processed and dyed and restructured in ways that don’t fuel our body well.  And honestly just end up as junk in your trunk!

Enjoy the fun treats of the season, but when given a choice, go with natural, simple foods.  Like stuff that will go bad in five days. Like farm to table stuff.  Fresh fruits, veggies, grains, honey, nuts, etc.  

You’ll feel so much better keeping things fresh and simple!  And your body will be more ready to handle the delicious warm apple pie with homemade vanilla ice cream that your aunt always brings for Thanksgiving.

Take some time to look up the scriptures referenced in the image below . . . these words are sweeter than honey. 😉

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