Celebrate through Gratitude

Grateful, thankful, and blessed, right?!  You’ve seen this sweet phrase before.  And while it’s cheesy, there is truth in it.  What if our prayer was to celebrate this holiday season through a heart of gratitude? 

That may look like focusing on the positives of each family member and expressing such qualities.

That may look like listing off things we’re grateful for as a family and truly celebrating, rather than stating, each.

That may look like playing worship music on your phone while you go up and down the aisles at Target, walking with a hop in your step.

That may look like taking a deep breath and saying, ‘Thank you, Jesus’ several times a day. 

That may look like working out with a heart of praise that your body can move. 

That may be telling your spouse thank you for big and little things and celebrating marriage in the bedroom. 

That may be sharing a smile on your face as you choose to focus on the blessings around you.

What other ways can you celebrate THROUGH gratitude?

Let’s not just give thanks and say thanks, let’s celebrate through gratitude! Read these verses for more . . .

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