Stay Connected to the Vine

We are the branches, and He is the Vine.  As branches, we remain close to Christ and allow Him to produce the fruit.  It’s so easy to shift into self-sufficient mode during this crazy time of year.  Don’t fall into that trap, which will only leave you depleted and discouraged.

Stay connected to the Vine and love from that overflow.  The order of the fruit of the Spirit is intentional . . . start with His love, then seek His joy, pursue His peace.  All of which are beyond human understanding.  So let the Lord do the producing, and as a result, we will flourish!  And flourish in freedom and faith! 

As we celebrate the harvest of Thanksgiving this week, let’s give glory to the true Gardener and Vine. But don’t take my word for it . . . check out these verses listed in the image.

Join our YouVersion Reading Plan this week for more – Wisdom from the Vineyard from Beth Moore.

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