My son correlates the Thanksgiving holiday with giving away his toys. Part of me giggles each time he says it, but I also appreciate the relationship he’s learned about thankfulness and giving. I’m sure his association is tied to the memory of my having both children donate lots of toys and such over a Thanksgiving break. While my main motive was to clear out space for the abundance of items they’d be receiving from family for Christmas, I did pray their seeing the excess of toys in our home and learning how many kids only have a few would initiate a child-level sense of gratitude. We also talk about how so much of this stuff doesn’t really matter or have value that lasts. Regardless, every Thanksgiving I now provide empty boxes and trash bags and ask my children to separate, sort, and release tons of toys. And it’s a time of thanks and giving.

In a recent Revelation Wellness podcast, Alisa Keeton challenged listeners to do the same thing. Yet instead of tangible stuff, she challenged us to take empty boxes and trash bags into our hearts and minds. Separate, sort, and release the items that fill our thought closets and feeling drawers and ultimately don’t have lasting value . . .

As we kick off a new month, which happens to contain Thanksgiving, let’s do some giving away (or even throwing away or maybe straight up burning at the altar) of worthless stuff that’s just taking up space. I’m not sure what junk that might be for you, but examples might be anxiety about holidays, feelings of not being enough, shame from past choices, worries about health issues, addictions to sugar or social media, obsessions with to-do lists, struggles in relationships, debates about masks or vaccines, desires to physically look a certain way . . . or maybe there’s too much ‘good’ stuff that it’s preventing any ‘great’ stuff from taking up space.

Let’s keep the Main thing the main thing. Let’s clean out our hearts, souls, bodies, and minds and fill them with everlasting truth of Who He is, Who we are, and Who He’s called us to be! As this month goes on, a simple soul check question is to ask yourself if what you’re currently thinking about will matter in 1,000 years. If the answer is ‘no’, take a deep breath, grab the trash bag, and throw the thought in! If the answer is yes, then keeping marching on and ask for His Spirit to help!

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

Hebrews 12:1-3

When we breath out junk and breath in Jesus, we’re living equipped, empowered, engaged in the Armor of God. We are marching on as holy and victorious soldiers and moving forward in the powerful rhythms of His grace. We are armed and dangerous.

We are armed and dangerous in He alone. Ultimately, we stand firm in Jesus and are equipped by His Spirit. This month we are studying the Armor of God. I invite you to check out this page and follow along on Instagram.

Don’t believe the lies, which lead to shame, that you need a new plan or a new diet or a new exercise calendar or a new method to bring control or comfort into your life. Believe the truth that you just need Jesus and His Spirit today. Invite Him into your thought closets and feeling drawers.

For November, we get to thank God and give love! In response, let’s keep marching on, removing anything that hinders us, and keeping our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls free and firm in Christ alone.


So how does a post entitled ‘Cars’ fit into the mission and mindset of Holy Barre?

Let me explain . . . 🙂

Last week in our fall Wellness Revelation Group, one member mentioned how she met a professional athlete who said, ‘My body is like a Ferrari. I’m going to treat it that way.’ We all chuckled at his analogy and arrogance but then started discussing the truth in his statement.

What if we viewed our bodies as fancy sports cars? Or whatever ‘dream vehicle’ you love?

In the Wellness Revelation, we talk about how food is fuel. Literally the fuel that allows us to love and live healthy, whole, and holy lives. Our culture and generational struggles have screwed up that view. But our Good God designed food to be delicious, high quality fuel for our bodies while He is the Living Water and Bread of Life for our souls.

If we viewed our bodies as a Ferrari, we’d probably have a heightened awareness as to proper maintenance. We’d regularly consult the manual. And ultimately we’d put our value in the Maker and our unique model. I bet you’d enjoy driving your Ferrari, taking it for a spin but also letting it rest.

While my original response to this analogy was one of ‘wow, that’s bold’, I realized the Lord views us as beautiful creations and masterpieces. Not much different than the Ferrari’s place in the car world.

So what’s your ideal car? Try to find a gif of it and send to a friend to hold you accountable. Mine is a Ford Mustang with all the flare! 🙂

Fast forward a couple days from that conversation, and I’m home with my son watching the movie Cars. And there’s a statement Sally makes to Lightning McQueen when they are out for a drive. She’s referring to the impact I-40 made to Route 66. As a born and raised Oklahoman, I’m very familiar with both highways as they run right through our great state. But what Sally said about the shift in culture stuck with me. I’m unsure of the exact quote, but the gist was people started caring more about making good time on I-40 rather than having a good time on Route 66.

So I challenge us all with two things:

Let’s start viewing and treating our bodies like fancy sports cars.

Rather than making good time, let’s have a good time.

Cars & holy barre

Apply these ideas to our daily lives, our view of meals, and to our approach to exercise.  Beyond that, let’s apply it to time with our family and friends, our work interactions, or to-do lists. I love the pic above with my son as he’s growing fast and such memories are precious. But I noticed later that there’s a pile of clean towels on the counter in the background. Because I chose to have a good time rather than make good time that afternoon. I’m sad to say I too often lean toward the later, but I’m trying to enjoy the ride, trusting my Maker, following the manual, and taking care of my ‘Ford Mustang’.

Join me . . . because life is a highway! 🙂

Get Fired Up!

Ladies, let’s get fired up! Seriously!

As with every Holy Barre session, I hope your muscles burn, but I more deeply pray the Lord ignites a fire in your soul! As we burn bright, let’s do so in our God-given strength, power, and beauty, with a fierce passion for unity and freedom! Let’s love bigger and pray bolder. Let’s be intentional with our rest as well as our work as we move about our days graceful and grace-filled!

Like in Alicia Keys song, be a girl on fire. Stand firmly on holy ground and keep your head in the heavenly clouds! Burn bright, Friends!

Let this hope burst forth within you, releasing a continual joy. Don’t give up in a time of trouble, but commune with God at all times. ‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:12‬ ‭TPT‬‬

My heart is on fire, boiling over with passion. Bubbling up within me are these beautiful lyrics as a lovely poem to be sung for the King. Like a river bursting its banks, I’m overflowing with words, spilling out into this sacred story. ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭45:1‬ ‭TPT‬‬

I’m writing to encourage you to fan into a flame and rekindle the fire of the spiritual gift God imparted to you when I laid my hands upon you. For God will never give you the spirit of fear, but the Holy Spirit who gives you mighty power, love, and self-control. 2 Tim 1:6-7 TPT


This week, our focus in Holy Barre is unity. During our one hour together on Thursday mornings, I’m often overwhelmed as I see a diverse group of women moving their bodies in unison as we work out together and worship our Lord. Within Holy Barre, I also know we have a variety of beliefs on all the ‘hot topics’ of this season. And frankly, I love that. And I love that we chose to look past our differences when necessary as well as celebrate our differences to bring Him glory! 

Because at the end of the day, we’re better together. We need relationships that encourage, support, AND challenge us. Unity requires such humility and selflessness that it’s a daily choice to pursue His love rather than our love of being right.

I pray the unity we experience through Holy Barre burns bright and spreads into the community around us.

I highly recommend listening to two things:

This podcast episode with Amy Groeschel! So so good!

This beautiful song by Grace Willis called Moses! Remind us, Lord!


Last week we celebrated two years of Holy Barre! We had such fun celebrating ALL God has done and is doing through this faith-filled fitness ministry! We truly are better together, burning bright as we worship and workout each week!

As I reflect back on the past two years of workouts, Bible reading plans, friendships, celebrations, struggles, laughter and answered prayers, I keep being drawn back to the word ‘holy’. And why Holy Barre is called ‘Holy Barre’.

The word ‘holy’ means sacred, set apart, dedicated to God. And while Holy Barre does provide a full-body barre workout, we pray that it is so much more than just that. That it’s a sacred time, set apart from our normal weekly routine, and truly dedicated to God. We pray that it’s a special time when you truly worship and connect with our Heavenly Father as you move your body in response.

Through Holy Barre, we worship and draw near to our Holy God. Using the term ‘holy’ to describe our God seems to just scratch the surface of all He is, but throughout scripture, ‘holy’ and ‘holiness’ are used in attempt to articulate (or scratch the surface of – ha!) His power, love, omnipotence, and goodness.

Our Holy God sent His Holy Son to die for us to give us His Holy Grace, spend eternity together in His Holy Kingdom and to call us holy even here on earth. Read that again. Talk about our being set apart and sacred. May we in response be dedicated to our Holy God.

Not only this, He gave us a helper in the Holy Spirit to guide us on this journey to holiness. Lord knows we need all the help we can get and as we abide in the Holy Spirit, we don’t have to live as a Holy People in our own strength.

As His Holy People, chosen and dearly loved, we get to love each other in holy response. We get to approach relationships through a holy perspective, knowing we are here for a purpose and encourage each other as members of His Holy Kingdom.

Our Holy God has put us here for such a time as this, a holy time with a holy purpose. Let’s view each moments and interaction through a holy lenses, acknowledging the spiritual warfare at work. We don’t battle again flesh and blood but the forces of dark and light.

As we battle and march on, we stand firm on holy ground. We take care of our holy temples, our bodies which wear the Armor of God. We honor and arm our holy temples, remaining engaged in and ready with the Holy Spirit and His Holy Word.

Oh, but, Lord, give us a holy humility. Forgive us for our ‘holier than thou’ thoughts and may we grab hold of Your holiness in true humility. May we interact, march, stand, love and serve with a heart of holy humility. Thank you, Holy God, that Your mercies are new every morning and we get to move in the rhythms of Your grace.

Holy Father, may we offer ourselves as a holy, living sacrifice. Thank You for being a Holy Fire, a consuming, sacred, loving fire. Ignite a holy fire in our souls through Holy Barre so we burn bright for you. We celebrate snd savor the ‘holy’. Thank you, Lord, for making us holy and whole in Your holy name.

May God Himself, the God who makes everything holy and whole, make you holy and whole, put you together—spirit, soul, and body—and keep you fit for the coming of our Master, Jesus Christ. The One who called you is completely dependable. If He said it, He’ll do it!

I Thes 5:23-24 MSG


Ya’ll, this is a heavy season. Whether its rising Covid cases, the continued mask and quarantine debate, heart-breaking world events, or just the normal pain and strife of life, we are all probably carrying weight around each day.

My natural tendency to be positive, bubbly, and excited about what’s ahead can too easily be impacted by the heaviness around me these days. Even last week as I was thrilled to see a full room of women worshipping and working out together at Holy Barre, my joy too quickly turned to hesitation as I realized it was a full room of women gathering while ICU beds across the country are filling. The weight of juggling it all is too much at times!

Our next Wellness Revelation group kicks off at Labor Day weekend. (click here if you’d like to learn more and join us!). This study was originally called ‘Lose What’s Weighing You Down.’ Because while we may want to lose some physical weight, our bodies are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what’s weighing us down! There’s so much more to it, which this study dives into, but my question now is ‘What’s weighing you down today?’

The harsh reality is there is value in ‘heaviness’. Let’s not avoid or ignore it. Let’s find the purpose. Weight gets our attention. Heavy weight causes our arm and heart muscles to burn. Heaviness disrupts comfort, stirs our hearts, and hopefully draws us closer to our King.

Jesus says His burden is light in Matthew 11:28-30. He desires to carry our heavy load and replace our worldly burden with His eternal one. Jesus gives us grace and peace in place of sin and shame.

However in order to understand the true weight of the gift of grace, we must grasp the weight of sin. We need to pause, hold, and feel the tension of our sin and brokenness. Repent in the pain and in humility. Then set down the sin and pick up the grace!

I advise you to be careful to not hold onto the sin too long and try to carry it around on your own. The enemy will quickly add the weight of his lies to the weight of your sin and create an even heavier burden of shame. Put down that sin and shame in surrender and pick up His grace and peace!

Sin and shame weigh us down. Holy grace lifts us up and strengthens us! And the beautiful resistance of all this weight lifting brings growth! So stand firm on His holy ground, hold His grace and peace high, and keep your eyes on Jesus!

Join me in this full-body flow . . . ‘Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.’ – Hebrews 4:16

Fat & Faithful

So I typically try to steer away from controversial topics, but when I saw this valuable article on my daily Skimm, it got my attention. Probably just like the title of this post got your attention!

Before you read this summary on the Fat Stigma provided by the Skimm, bare with me as I dive a little deeper into this topic. Or read the linked article and come back here. Whatever your preference . . . Just while I’ve also verified that the experts quoted in this linked piece are the ‘real deal’, I REALLY want you to hear the Truth about our bodies as well.

Let me pose a few related questions:

  1. In your life, have you ever felt there was a link between one’s percent body fat and one’s faithfulness? Or what about a link between your physical health and your holiness?
  2. How often has self-control and discipline been a topic of study and thus a trigger for conviction and shame?
  3. If body shame is not your deal, have you ever thought about your body pride?
  4. Even though we know not to ‘judge a book by its cover’ and ‘Jesus looks at the heart’, does someone’s physical body influence your view of them? Maybe even results in you judging them unfairly?
  5. Do you find yourself defining beauty and health based upon what you see on social media, shows, and magazine covers? Or deeper yet, can you say your conversations about beauty and health with other women are God-honoring?
  6. Have you ever wondered what God thinks about our weight, clothing size, BMI, food habits, calories burned/consumed, fitness routines, etc? Or more importantly, how He views health and holiness?
  7. Do you know your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit?

In all honesty, I can answer YES to all of these questions! What about you?

I approach this topic in prayerful humility because I’m on His journey of health and holiness myself. I’ve struggled with shame and pride about my body. I’ve judged and have been judged. I’ve put too much value on fat percentage and less value on evidence of faithfulness. And I’m tired of pursuing the world’s view of health and beauty and just want to pursue our good and holy God. But it’s all a struggle!

I’d also like to note that while we women can REALLY relate with all this, I’m learning more and more how much men struggle with body image and the fat stigma as well. Yes, it’s not the same, but it’s there. I’ve recently seen push-up shirts for men. Yes, you read that right. And sadly, men also struggle with eating disorders and such as well. I just have to laugh as other guys give my hubby a hard time about his defined and large chest. Partly laughing because our kids ask why Daddy’s chest is bigger than Mommy’s, but mostly laughing because my husband’s physique is courtesy of genetics. He takes good care of himself, but I live with the man, and his chest size is not his focus! Also, when you read this article that was the catalyst to this post, his BMI is closer to obese than those of you who know him would think! 😉

On a heavier note, can we just feel a gut punch in acknowledging we live in a country where we have the margin to worry about the appearance of our bodies, our view of the word ‘fat’, our pantry stocked with healthy food vs treats, a debate whether a gym membership or at-home YouTube workouts fit our lifestyle better, or how our freedom-of-speech media portrays beauty? Can those of us reading this just humble ourselves enough to realize we are spoiled, and other women in the world are praying they can keep their job, won’t be seen as just a body for use, or have a roof over their head and any food at all for their kiddos? Yes, I went there, but I feel like a little perspective can only add value to this topic.

,Okay, ya’ll still with me? Let’s get back to those questions and let me attempt to provide some answers . . .

  1. In your life, have you ever felt there was a link between one’s percent body fat and one’s faithfulness? Or what about a link between your physical health and your holiness?
    • So here’s my question . . . did His Word teach you this or did your childhood church or social media or family or what? Because like me, you’ve had to dig deep and ask yourself that question about the ‘fat stigma’. I’ve had to think back and realize that my beliefs about fat and body image and all can’t be validated by scripture. Because when I go to His Word, I find stuff like this . . .
    • For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10
    • Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:1-2
  2. How often has self-control and discipline been a topic of study and thus a trigger for conviction and shame?
    • But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. Galatians 5:22-25
    • For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7
    • I recently listened to a Revelation Wellness podcast about the Fruit of the Spirit. It talked about how there is purpose in the order of lists such as what’s described in Galatians 5. So when is comes to either scripture bulleted above, self-discipline follows ALL that other good stuff. So start at the beginning and seek His Spirit, His love, His joy, His peace, His power. Keep your focus there . . . the discipline is a fruit, not a goal.
    • Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame. Psalm 34:5
  3. If body shame is not your deal, have you ever thought about your body pride?
    • For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you. Romans 12:3
    • So if you consider yourself healthy, be careful. Stay humble. Pursue holiness. Seek grace. Love others. Don’t hold onto the false sense of control and pride . . . it’s fleeting!
  4. Even though we know not to ‘judge a book by its cover’ and ‘Jesus looks at the heart’, does someone’s physical body influence your view of them? Maybe even results in you judging them unfairly?
    • When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:7
    • There’s really no need to add to this scripture in this content. I’ll just leave it there.
  5. Do you find yourself defining beauty and health based upon what you see on social media, shows, and magazine covers? Or worse yet, can you say your conversations about beauty and health with other women are God-honoring?
    • Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Proverbs 31:30
    • PSA – We ALL are aging! No one is perfect! So let’s show love, grace, and humility to all those around us. Someone got fake eye lashes – okay, how’s her heart doing? Someone put on 15 lbs – okay, how’s her heart doing? Someone ‘looks great!’ – okay, how’s her heart doing? A young girl feels good in her new outfit – okay, how’s her heart doing?
  6. Have you ever wondered what God thinks about our weight, clothing size, BMI, food habits, calories burned/consumed, fitness routines, etc? Or more importantly, how He views health and holiness?
    • Before providing scripture, let me follow this question with a discussion about control and comfort. Typically when we speak of eating, exercise, and first impressions, we fall into two categories: CONTROL or COMFORT. Control could look like counting calories, following a fitness plan, weighing our bodies obsessively, having pride in our self-discipline, and judging those ‘who just can’t seem to take care of themselves’. Comfort could look like turning to food, exercise (or lack of), feeling shame when we look at ourselves, and not liking those ‘who just seem to have it all together.’ Regardless the camp you’re currently in or have been in in the past, I was to pose the same question Jenn Connelly posed in her book – ‘Why?’ and then the follow up to your answer is ‘Really?!’ I’m smart enough to not give examples here as I don’t know your story nor your struggles, but just want you to ask yourself some questions about your healthy habits, answer honestly, and then ask yourself ‘Really?!’ We all know the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but he easily attacks our reasoning and justifications for our behaviors. And Jesus came to give us abundant life. So let’s just be still in that for a bit . . . Now let’s get back to His Word because pretty sure we serve a GOD OF CONTROL AND COMFORT! Pretty cool, huh? So I’ll just provide the scripture and pray His Spirit explains the rest.
    • Wait for the Lord; be strong and take hear;  and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14. BECAUSE HE’S IN CONTROL . . .
    • Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 2 Corinthians 1:3
    • “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.  If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:28-34
    • Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. Luke 12:22
    • She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. Proverbs 31:25
  7. Do you know your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit?
    • I totally get this is gonna sound churchy. But just stick with me, okay? So there was the Old Testament Temple, right? The Holy of Holies. Such a sacred, special place where one deemed worthy could connect with God. Then in the New Testament, there was the Temple where people studied and worshipped, right? Then Jesus died of the cross . . . for You . . . for US all . . . and the curtain TORE in the Temple. The curtain in the Temple was the barrier between people and God. So Christ’s death tore the curtain, symbolizing the removal of any barrier between us and God. Then in the book of Acts, it describes the Holy Spirit coming upon people. The scriptures below connect the dots as well as:
    • Old Testament Temple -> New Testament Temple -> Jesus Tears Curtain -> Spirit enters us as believers -> Our bodies are now temples.
    • Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 1 Corinthians 6:19
    • If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for God’s temple is sacred, and you together are that temple. 1 Corinthians 3:17
    • So let me expand further . . . throughout scripture we found evidence of the holiness and value of the Temple. Such a special and cool place, right? So after Jesus gave His life, died for us, rose again, ascended to Heaven, and gave us His spirit, why do we struggle to view our own bodies as such a special and cool place? Just think on that . . .
    • If we truly grasped the holiness and power of the Spirit within our bodies, wouldn’t we just want to honor Him, surrender our bodies, worship with our bodies, and take care of our bodies in response. And just let the Spirit guide how we care for and use our bodies for His glory. Not to mention my favorite questions these days is ‘what if fitness was just a way to get God’s breath in your lungs?’

As with all things Holy Barre related, I pray the Lord lights a fire in your soul. A consuming fire in your temple. A holy blaze upon your heart. As you move your body, you feel His power and presence. As you take care of your body, you seek the Spirit’s guidance and grace. As you confront the patterns of this world, you look up, Child. Love God. Love yourself. Love others. Love big. May the Lord clear your mind, calm your soul, fill your heart, and strengthen your body, as we burn bright, better together!

As you can tell, that initial article lit a fire in my soul to expand upon its valuable information and share what the Lord says about it all. There’s plenty of worldly info available to us – let’s focus on His truth! May He ignite a fire in your soul to burn bright!

Thanks for reading . . .if you haven’t yet, now go read the Skimm’s article I linked above. And if you really want to dive in deeper to this whole topic and what health and holiness looks like for you, join me for our upcoming Wellness Revelation group. Click here to learn more! Or just join us for any of these upcoming opportunities with Holy Barre. We’re better together, burning bright!

Women’s Clothing

So let’s talk about women’s clothing . . .

like swimsuits . . . back to school outfits . . . Olympic athletes’ attires . . . new fall styles . . .

Now let’s talk about what scripture says about spiritual clothing . . .

Then the Spirit of the Lord clothed Gideon with power. He blew a ram’s horn as a call to arms, and the men of the clan of Abiezer came to him. – Judges 6:34 NLT
(God to used Gideon to deliver/save Israel)

You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, – Psalms 30:11 (David)

Praise the Lord, my soul. Lord my God, you are very great; you are clothed with splendor and majesty. He wraps himself in light as with a garment. – Psalm 104:1-2

I am overwhelmed with joy in the Lord my God! For he has dressed me with the clothing of salvation and draped me in a robe of righteousness. I am like a bridegroom dressed for his wedding or a bride with her jewels. – Isaiah 61:10

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. – Proverbs 31:25

Then I witnessed in heaven an event of great significance. I saw a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon beneath her feet, and a crown of twelve stars on her head. – Revelations 12:1
(The woman clothes in the sun represents God’s faithful people.)

I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high. Luke 24:49 NIV
(Jesus speaking to His disciples one final time and referencing the Holy Spirit.)

for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. – Galatians 3:27

Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. – Colossians 3:12

Bottom Line:

Like my shirt in this workout, Jesus loves the Hell out of us!

He desires to take off the lies, the fear, the worries, the uncertainties, the struggles, the burdens, the weariness . . .

He wants to put on or clothe us with His love, joy, salvation, power, light, strength, dignity, mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience . . .

Imagine walking into a room wearing that!

Imagine going to a pool party dressed in that getup!

Imagine starting the new school year with that kind of outfit!

Now make that image your reality! 

Let’s get His kind of makeover!

Jesus is ready each & every day to cloth you with ALL that He is!

Grab your light hand weights and water and join me for this 40-minute workout. We start with scripture and end with a ‘be still and know’ time as well!

Full-Body Flow: Heb 4:16

I’ve found great comfort in this scripture over the past couple of weeks, processing each phrase and praising God for His position, power, mercy, grace, and strength. The most beautiful part is how all these words are true despite my struggles, failures, and weaknesses.

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

Hebrews 4:16

This passage is even more engaging in The Passion Translation – ‘So now we draw near freely and boldly to where grace is enthroned, to receive mercy’s kiss and discover the grace we urgently need to strengthen us in our time of weakness.’

In response to this scripture, we tried something new during our time together Thursday morning – a full-body flow to Hebrews 4:16. Please join us via the video below. Be intentional to speak the truth out loud while going through the motions and do so several times, breathing in His mercy, grace, and strength.


‘Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces will never be covered with shame.’

Psalm 34:5

When I work out at home, I typically select a 30-minute full-body workout in YouTube because that’s about the max time that fits into this crazy daily season. 🤪

Realizing my reality may look similar to many of yours, here’s a new Holy Barre workout – 30-min of full-body, faith-filled moves and music!

While the focus of this one is Psalm 34:5, it is full of all things ‘Holy Barre‘. So if you’ve got some friends and family who might enjoy it, please share this post or link!

Let’s focus on His truth and His temple as we burn bright, better together! Grab light hand weights and water. Find your space to move and worship. And press play! 🤩